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Community Clinic Consortium of Contra Costa and Solano County
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Community Clinic Consortium of Contra Costa and Solano County

Richmond, CA

The Community Clinic Consurtium was established in Contra Costa County in 2004, and provides representation and support to 26 non-profit community health center sites and their patients. The Consortium works at the county, state and federal government levels to advocate for funding and policy changes that help health centers meet the diverse health care and social service needs of almost 200,000 patients annually. The Consortium also serves as a local resource for clinic staff, clients and the community.

The Community Clinic Consortium is dedicated to promoting and improving the health and quality of life for all Contra Costa and Solano County residents. The Consortium supports the involvement of communities in developing a responsive health care system and articulating and advancing the role of community health centers.

Richmond, California

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